You Hammer Like A Girl



  1. I was just in a quarterly engineering meeting from our company’s VP of Engineering and he had 3 slides on how “successful” our Girls In Engineering program was because they had a bunch of 7th and 8th grade girls come in for a day and do little crafty “Engineering” projects. Meanwhile, we have exactly 1 female engineer in a team of nearly 100-150 men.

    They also cited how well the company sponsored FIRST Robotics Team did and all the up – close pictures were of either Vibrant kids or girls. However, when we see the full team photo, it’s nothing but nerdy, pasty white boys.


    1. white boys in engineering are like hands in gloves: Take the best part of the body (population) and give them a toughest jobs… it is the ONLY hope for success.

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    2. We spend a lot of time and resources on trying to turn mules into racehorses, but it takes more than having them show up to the stables to win the Kentucky Derby. If those resource were, instead, focused on those in whom the true potential exists – white males, the nation would be far better served.


  2. these girls should be playing with an easy bake oven so they learn how to cook or playing with barbies so they learn how to look pretty so they don’t turn into the type of idiots who “brag” about how they don’t know to cook while dressed like men.


  3. See, there’s nothing wrong with this picture per se. In fact if the kids were doing it out of self interest, or as an activity with their Dad, then well and good.

    But what’s behind this picture is 40 years of social engineering, state interference and subsidization of women at the expense of society and men in particular. That’s got to STOP.

    So no, not a sweet picture. Too bad, it ought to be.

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  4. One does not simply hammer a nail into a block of eastern maple..not by a child..not even by a strong is folly.
    IOW, hivemind approved stock photo staged with wood, tools, wires n stuff. go grrrrrllz


  5. I love how you can see the girl on the right is 100% preoccupied with how cute she looks (being a normal little girl) despite being put in some media shitlib’s contrived girl power propaganda piece.

    These people are utterly immune to reality.


  6. If you grew up in a rural community chances are you knew some girls who could – without cunty pretense – swing a hammer with her dad, brothers and mom with the best of them. No social experiment there, just some necessity.

    Teach the boys how to cook and they’ll be all the better as cads… I can lay it down easier with a flawless (60ยข Food cost) omelette that makes me look like a gourmand than a wasted $100 meal at a restaurant… These future single moms are served all the better knowing how to swing a hammer, too.

    This is more hope than decline in my mind – I’d rather know a feminine woman with her own toolbox than a fat slob who can’t cook or fix anything.


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