1. Its pretty well known that womens restrooms tend to be cleaner and nicer than mens restrooms. If this kind of thing gets to be the norm, I wonder what women will think about having to use a toilet which multiple, unknown men have pissed all over the seat and the floor around it. Hell, they cant even stand it when we leave the seat up.


    1. “wtf, is “baby” a gender now?!”

      Close. Google the term “adult baby”, and prepare to lose your lunch.


  2. I have a dream, that one day all peoples of the world, no matter what private parts they have or used to have or are soon to have installed, will be able to urinate and defecate together, in the welcoming, inclusive toilet we call America.


    1. MDE should be the official mockumentarians of “Goodbye, America”

      Skip to 2:34 here, if it didn’t automatically:


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