1. Self-Identifying hetero guy?

    Hetero guy?

    On a date with Gay-vy Crockett?

    Yeah, sure.

    Either the dude is severely autistic or a raging closet case.

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  2. This is an attempt to reconnect with his lost masculinity.

    Won;t succeed as he cannot become another person— so he will attempt to usurp him.

    This is the nature and problem of homosexuality. Its wrong and destructive. Can I have compassion for the problem and the need to try and regain his male self desperately?

    Yes. But condone this way, NO. IT not true. Its not right. We as a just society must re-establish the distinction.


    1. Well I might actually watch the dateline episode if CC murders the “hetero” and tries to usurp his identity. Would make a good dark comdey (a la “Happiness”). Of course then Libs would have to alter their precious narrative.


  3. This guy is the train wreck that made the leave Britney Spears alone video which is probably one of the most sickening things ive ever seen. These trans people truly are absolute bipolar monsters.


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