1. Only one problem: she’s Canadian, not American. So I guess this picture should belong on the Goodbye Canada blog, if one exists.


  1. It’d be easy to gloss over this if she was ugly/fat, but a quick perusal of her FB/Instagram shows that she is attractive. Pretty face, nice rack, but should lay off the sauce to lose an inch off the waist. Not a knockout, but right in the bangable yet attainable range that makes betas pedestal her and alphas plow/discard her. The alpha/beta reaction to girls in this range is symbiotic, the beta wants to fawn over her ‘beauty’ and defend her, the alpha wants to knock something new off his sexual checklist with her and then never talk to her again. It is crazy how often girls in this range prove how little they deserve a pedestal, yet the pedestal they get.

    There should be a name for this range of girl, as they are the catalysts for a metaphorical chemical reaction. A man starts as a reagent and presented with this catalyst he becomes one of two products: alpha or beta. The right catalyst needs to be used; Uglier girls are invisible to the alpha, hotter girls the beta doesn’t have the balls to pedestalize IRL. But girls like the rodeo spitroastee are juuuust right, they are the Goldilocks Zone. They will make up the bulk of a lesser Alpha’s notches, and the bulk of a dewy-eyed beta’s heartbreaks across a lifetime. The only difference between this girl and a catalyst is that in a reaction catalysts don’t get used up.


    1. I think the modern “eyes” everywhere state coupled with the internet is letting normal see more of how the world really is. Hos have always hoed, often for stupid little things. There is no real intelligence, just immediate wants that these sluts think they can get for a taste here or there.

      Think about it. She wanted tickets to a Stampede fair. In rural Canada. How much could that be? 50 bucks? less. As far as prostitute are concerned she would be on the upper average end. Hence (my whore econ isn’t as good as it should be) one would expect at least 200-300 to blow and bang tow guys. So clearly this wasn’t some monetary/barter transaction.

      What it is is a slut of this age who sees sex as cheap and if she can get her free tickets while jumping the gun a little early with two guys her age who she would have banged anyway, then why not? The only drawback was being exposed which she has now effectively in her circle at least made into a laugh. Again hos are hos.

      It took me until I was about 25 to fully understand the depth of women and how they shape the fallen world. The more you hang around them, bang them, etc., the more you see how it is he world over. This is why patriarchy was invented. Why it is vital to sustaining civilizations and raising children. Men will not provide and fight the other if they cannot get a handle on the promiscuity of their own females.

      Everything stems from this.

      If you meet a woman who agrees, understands, and lives by this : marry her. I did.

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    2. Abe – In the post mortem, there will be a lot of factors identified; but among them, in the United States, the 14th Amendment was part of the problem.


    3. The world is exactly as it always was. The veneer of Judeo-Christian morality, intermittently applied over the past several centuries, began to be deliberately stripped away about a hundred years ago. What we’re witnessing more and more as society dies and rots is nothing more than what Man has been from the beginning.


    1. He will also get to find out there will be no children either. Too much damage to her machinery from all the STDs she has contracted down through the years. Plus he’ll get to pay for her BPD meds that she needs to even minimally function in the work-a-day world due to the mental damage from screwing every mook that happened by.


  2. Look, I agree that the woman acted indecently and, in more civilized times, we would have put her to death. Female promiscuity, I agree, should be punished more harshly than male promiscuity.

    But why are we giving these men a complete pass? My brother’s got four kids, and if he found people acting like this in a place where his family could stumble upon them, he’d probably want to administer an ass-kicking to all of them. If they pulled a stunt like this on property he owned, he’d probably shoot the whole lot. And good riddance to them, I’d say. Each one of the participants, male and female a like, is a real piece of work.


  3. She is not exactly literate, had this post on her FB page:

    “Story is being hold till police approve to comment on it . Brutalllll”

    Rather than hide it, she’s pushing the story out, cashing in on her infamy. Yikes.


  4. I wonder if the cowboy in the black shirt destroyed her anus. Guessing “yes.”

    Looks like the two guys traded hats at some point. They probably traded herpes or the clap with this slut too.


  5. There’s no way she can spin herself out of this. Public sex with one person is gross but might be forgivable, as would a private threesome. But getting double-teamed in broad daylight = slut slut slut. Filthy tramp.


  6. Yeah, because being a sleaze is definitely progressive and empowering.

    Well, according to the new America…and the rest of the west I suppose.


  7. You guys should be happy, a white girl not into black guys. She likes white guys so much she does them two at a time, yall should get up on that girl. Do it for America, two months salary at Jareds and she is all yours….or some concert tickets.


  8. Stand down! It’s no longer the place of men to criticize women. They’re “liberated” and have every right to live the way they choose. I’ll save my vitriol for the two men in the situation. What kind of upbringing did you have where this behavior was deemed acceptable? What will you tell your family, wife, girlfriend or children-who inevitably will see it on socialmedia-about your decision to act like common trash? Another man is quoted in the VICE article stating that Calgary Stampede is 10 days of debauchery. I’ll boycott Wrangler, one of the sponsors, until they step in and police these social issues like they do others. Join me and contact Wrangler Corporate Office Headquarters
    VF Corporation
    105 Corporate Center Boulevard
    Greensboro, NC 27408
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-336-424-6000


    1. But I guess if a nigxxr says nigxxr then that is ok? Oh…and by the way girls…if we call a girl a slut or whore there is probably a damned good reason why. These women spend way too much time setting around thinking up rules that will fly out the window faster than a shot for a guy who can get their engine running regardless if he stomps all over their stupid list.


    2. The musings of a child. Will someone wake her up before she is destroyed????

      She wants to be safe…. sadly the message she has been delivered will do the exact opposite.


    3. I’ve never in my life said “nigxxr”. I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce it.
      “…think a vagina gets loose after sex”. Don’t be daffy. Everyone knows that’s determined by the Moon’s tidal forces. And by lazy sluts who don’t know what a kegel is.


    4. I think this is a wonderful warning sign in bright neon lights of someone who is utterly worthless, devoid or rational thought, and complete beneath any consideration from you in regards to anything. Don’t befriend them, help them, hire them, or date/sleep with them. Let them stew in their misery until they see the light or die out with a whisper.

      Once we realize we are in the world, not of it, this all makes a lot more sense. If everyone was rational, intelligent, and moral, how could evil ever exist?


    1. I know she is a dumb product of the culture and has STDs apparently from the articles, but I simply cannot say I wouldn’t double wrap it and tag it hard. It’s hard to find chicks her age with even a passable figure now and I bet you that a s $ feels awesome.


  9. And now she’s a stripper….

    The internet reared its ugly fucking head. Thousands of people from all corners of the internet descended on the young woman from Calgary, calling her a slut and a whore, and saying that she was a waste of life. Indicative of the clear double standard that exists in our society, the two men in the video were seen as heroes and received metaphorical high fives, while Frulling was labelled a tramp. It was gross, it was misogynistic, it was cowardly, and it was completely predictable.


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