Calvin And Poz



  1. Isn’t it fascinating that in times past the oppositions candidate winning the presidency led to cries of ruination of the country and all hell breaking loose. Of course it was always an exaggeration. I think you know where I am going with this.


  2. Also is anyone else not sensing some horrendous fascist upswing popping up organically in response to this endless onslaught of filth and degredation? At some point even decent people will be compelled to violence.

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      1. That’s always the erroneous thought of normal people. That poor will be way more likely to be gay himself, violent, or a serial killer. The only hope if that occurs is that he stays to his own and does not ruin a new batch. Conservatives always make the mistake of endowing others with logic and reason when often there is nothing but feels and tribalism. Most of the gays I’ve met were abused. Most of the single moms who are craven sluts were abused. The cycle endlessly repeats because instead of properly hating the evil, they indulge their own bruised egos by trying to normalize their confused feelings.

        Also being gay has a ton of advantages now as well.


  3. The poor boy is clearly being groomed for pederasty.

    This is right up American elite culture’s alley.

    As a father, that picture makes me so fucking sad and angry I have no words.


      1. you are looking at a “man” who transformed himself into a “woman.” enlarging the moral universe once more.


  4. I actually mouthed the words “What the hell is going on?” when I saw this entry. I’m pretty much numb when it comes to this kind of shit now, but still, I mean god damn.


  5. Does anyone NOT think this boy is likely being abused in his own bed at home? What kind of a man who openly indulges his lusts like THIS, wouldn’t think to stop himself from molesting that little boy? NAFALT (Not All Fags Are Like That)? Maybe, maybe not. But there’s no way to test for it either. In my book they all must be assumed to be carriers who could go symptomatic at any moment.


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