Department Of Fairness



  1. This administration has an odd affinity for the word “affirm”. Reminds me of how the abortion bitches were always yelping “choice”.


  2. Disgusting. SMH. Wasn’t some female soldier just court-martialed for having a sign on her desk from the bible saying “No one who raises a weapon against Me will profit?” She was told to take it down but refused. Even devil-worshiping in the army is more respectable. I wish Trump would get elected because he’s the only one who would not put up with this shit. He’s loud and “unrefined” — by that I mean he doesn’t have the smooth, snake-like, bare-faced, shameless qualities of the slimy politicians who smile and promise while they screw us with impunity. He has his own money, thrives on MAKING his own money rather than stealing piles of money, and speaks the truth. With that crazy piece of combover flying in the wind he shouts out the truth and everyone, EVERYONE, (even those who would truly benefit from him being president) recoils in horror. To them I just say Go Right Ahead America, and Elect Another Scummy Politico To Bone You Painfully While Doing All They Can To Erase Your People And Take All They Can Away From You, and Reduce Your Children and Posterity To Paupers!! Go Ahead! Because of a loudmouth with a comb-over, we can’t have him, he looks ridiculous. Better get someone we’re more used to that really despises us.
    /end of rant/


    1. They have them all by the balls, particularly senior guys, with the pension just around the corner and a family to support. Plus the free thinking ones leave as captains for the most part.


      1. That’s not an excuse. Most generals that coup are about to get pensions and have families.

        It’s just that your military has too much respect for your moribund institutions.


  3. It’s going to change pretty soon because the entire deep state is pozzed to hell, but putting transgender in there when they aren’t allowed to serve is profoundly hilarious.


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