1. This is one of the reasons it was a bad idea to let women become ” liberated”.

      When I was a teenager back in the 1970s, feminism was this new big thng on the news every day, and feminists kept promising if we gave them more “liberty” they would make this a better world.

      We gave them said liberty and women have used it to debase themselves, with anything from getting more tattoos then men, from binge drinking more than men, from debasing themselves sexually every chance they get

      “liberated” women are one of the main reasons why Western Civilization is in serious decay.

      Women are not adults ( most of them anyway ), they have the mental age of a child or teenager at best, they need adult supervision and protection from men, from good men that is.

      Without the “patriarchy” they get drunk in public and suck the penis of third world mud hut people and are happy to let the whole world they have absolutely no class, no self respect.

      Feminism is hurting women more than the “patriarchy” ever did.

      And surveys agree with me; women these days are less happy than “un-liberated” women of the 1950s.

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  1. And yet those same womyn who admired the negro’s package will likely mutilate any sons they have for ‘cultural’ (read Goy-slave) reasons. Maybe out of hatred for the white betabux guy who will at least be raising said unfortunate children.


  2. Women are slaves to their emotions, and in this case the false white guilt invoked by the electric Jew. That’s why they debase themselves like this, its not to exalt the monkey.

    The most tragic part is this, black men have the highest rates of HIV after homosexuals, so these women are dicing with death.


    1. “black men have the highest rates of HIV after homosexuals”
      Because those blacks are homos. Doesn’t matter if they’re bi or down-low. If they swap semen with other dudes, they are gay.


  3. The stats tell us that both these women will eventually each find some hapless white dude to marry. The stats also tell us that each will eventually divorce their particular white dude and take the majority of whatever he has earned to that point in his life as well as a hefty portion of any of his future income. The state that the white dude supported with his tax money will enforce this transfer of his wealth and also strictly regulate the relationships he is allowed to have with any children that issued from the marriage.

    I used to find this disturbing. Now I just find it funny.

    I used to wish white dudes would wise up. Now I understand that most never will. It’s just not in their nature.

    Waiting for the big reset…. I hope I live to see it but if not?…. Just as well.

    Happy Independence Day.

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  4. The woman on the left looks like she’s barfing, the stink off him must be abominable. Filthy whores – disgusting. Imagine their fathers looking at this picture? Society is really going downhill, and we are nearly at the bottom.


    1. ..”..and we are nearly at the bottom”

      we still got a ways to go, and its going to get even uglier.


  5. Disgusting sluts. I bet they have beta boyfriends who are seeing this now. The picture of the woman barfing is priceless.


  6. Step right up and see the missing link. Two bits for a gawk and a selfie!
    Your face on the internet forever with a BBC dangling in front of it, priceless!


  7. I’m no fan of Muslim extremists, but you can kind of see their point, can’t you? They’re fighting to keep THIS culture from being pushed on their women and children. Maybe if white guys would have had the stones to do the same, we wouldn’t have to see our once proud culture reduced to the disgusting freak show that it’s become.


  8. Size matters, none of you do. Get used to it Heartiste can teach you game, but your are all just acting out what we have been doing naturally. When we are done with the white women you are free to marry them and live in a sexless marriage while they dream of actual masculine men instead the pretenders they duped into marriage.


  9. This is why in past civilizations women’s movements and associations were strictly regulated and controlled by men. It wasn’t for any misogynistic reasons, it was because if women are allowed to follow their own childish r-selection, it destroys civilization. This is why all large civilizations (Asian, European, Arab) are all patriarchal, and all small societies (Africa) are matriarchal.


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