1. But, I thought they were into “bugchasing” and getting their neg holes pozzed for fun?

      I guess they wanted Reagan to drop the Cold War defense spending, and invest it all into drug research and treatment subsidies. Like a Manhattan Project for pozzed asses.


    2. “Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands. . . He was a murderous fool, and I have no problem saying so.” — Queer photographed giving Reagan’s portrait the bird in the White House

      The AIDS epidemic was nothing more than gays killing gays in the pursuit of a quicker orgasm. Somehow, and the psychological gymnastics of this are incredible, the fault for the deaths is laid at the feet of middle America instead of the industrial scale sodomites in the bathhouses. Must be easier to accept than the fact that they and theirs were willing to murder and die for some bareback fun.

      These ethical / psychological problems, along with their legendary penchant for pederasty, are probably why gays were marginalized in every civilized society for the last millennium.


  1. Yes. I feel like such a simpleton. Okay, boy on the left. A girl on the right. So???…..

    It took me a while to accept the horrible reality.

    The boy is the girl. Not a good start. Irresponsible parents.

    Don;t they remember how the child was created??? Heterosexuality— its awesome!!!


    1. I was wondering how any set of parents would convince their boy to do something like this. Then I thought that nearly half of white kids grow up with a single mother. Perhaps it was her who pushed him into this.

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  2. These parents should be in prison. I’ve gone from libertarian to full-fledged authoritarian. If you’re not imposing your values on someone else, someone else will impose their values on you. The survival of Western civilization depends on stripping liberals of their political and legal rights . Where is the American Hitler?

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    1. I with you buddy, I’m with you. Libertarianism is great and all in theory but it is completely opposed to actual human nature. People like to believe that they can just keep looking the other way and all of this will go away but it won’t. The Marxists will never leave you alone and they will never be satisfied, not even after burning your culture completely to the ground. Your only choices are to join the Marxists, be bulldozed over until their is nothing left of your culture, family or dignity or to go full Nazi. Pick a side folks, time’s running out.


  3. Poor kid. Too bad our ‘mental health professionals’ have regressed to the middle ages; i.e. if they can’t cure the patient, tell him there’s nothing wrong.

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  4. His mommy made him do it! Well, ok. She just encouraged him!

    One thing I have learned since taking the Red Pill? Women are perverts, especially when it comes to male sexuality. How many women after twenty years of marriage would welcome their husband finding a fuck buddy? Not another woman! Hell, no! But another man so they wouldn’t have to put out?

    More than I want to believe!


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