1. Gay Pride parades are scenes of debauchery and depravity most people can’t imagine until they see one. “They’re just like us!” Of course they are, if wearing leather thongs, ass chaps, chain dog collars, and getting blown off in public are things you do. I’ve seen a couple and they are over the top acts of perversion.

    I wonder if these parents that put their kids in these parades, or take their children to these parades as viewers, ever consider this: A strip club has less perverted sexual displays than the typical Gay Pride parade. Yet, that strip club would never let your children enter.

    In other words, 21st Century Shitlib parents, a strip club owner has more moral and ethical standards than you do.



    1. you are correct, they are obscene spectacles that on any other day would get people arrested for their dress & behavior, but throw a rainbow on it & suddenly it’s ok.

      indoctrinating these poor kids is a shame.


  2. These displays are chances to increase your perceived status, to demonstrate your commitment to the orthodoxy.

    Its literally as easier as taking candy from a baby. That’s what these selfish fools are doing.


  3. As an Eagle Scout ( pre 1992) I can assure you my children will never be in Scouts now that the deviants have been allowed in and openly embraced.
    Its a shame whats happened because my experience in Scouts enabled me to really enjoy the woods/oudoors as an adult.


  4. Eagle Scout, 2004. This is god damn sickening. I have a lot of experience interacting with the incarcerated. Not white collar ponzi-tards but murderers, drug dealers, rapists, ect. Do you know what is curious? Despite the ruthless, tribal and amoral nature of prison, one thing is universally agreed upon among all inmates: child molesters/abusers are to be killed. Period. Even among a group that displays utter contempt for society and human life, the violation/sexualization of a child is considered a mortal sin. Know that the most vicious and evil men alive in the country, literal psychopaths, look at things like this and recoil with disgust. It is more than enough to make one wonder which side of the prison wall the worst criminals are on.


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