London Schoolchildren (First Lady)

Sixty years ago, if you had told the typical American or Brit that the future of their nations’ special relationship would be in this photo, they’d think you were a dystopian sci-fi writer pushing the boundaries of your craft past the point of plausibility.



    Here we see “White Privilege” in action: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”

    Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.

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  2. Look at all those white cucks in the background. Also, no surprise here that the majority are also women:

    Women will always side with whom they feel or see is winning.

    Wake up white man!

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  3. My crystal ball foretells an honor killing for the girl standing left of Michel. How dare that slut uncover her head like that?? You can almost see one of her ankles too.


  4. This is ethnic cleansing.

    Wars have been fought over these kinds of things.

    Why aren’t the English fighting back?


    1. Because the English actually shipped them in you moron.

      It’s like asking “Why are post OP trannies not fighting back against having their dicks chopped off?” It#s because they’re OK with it.

      Also, fight “back” implies that someone else is fighting in the first place.

      I can perfectly understand why white English would feel disgust at this. In fact I would prepare the highest lampposts, nay, torture for the labour vermin going “we wanted to shove diversity in their faces”. But recognize that you are bleeding anal gaysers over foreign chicks, BEING in the country, woth your permission (you being the country). Think about it: if they were truly invaders coming against your will, it would be an admission that they are more formidable than the Armada or Napoleon. That can’t be true so it has to be a case of British stupidity.

      Oh and, there is absolutely no way that this wasn’t done deliberately. *I* want to see punishment inlicted upon the individual resposnsible for this travesty.

      It is unbecoming and ugly. Yuck.


      1. Of course they did.

        If the English thought as you did, Labour wouldn’t win a single seat. Get used to the fact that others give less of a shit about 3rd world immigration.


  5. I predict that the few remaining white Christian males left in the UK (not to mention the US) twenty or so years from now will be highly prized as (a) they will be the only ones still paying into the system and (b) they will be the only ones who will still know how to keep things running.

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    1. A.k.a. slaves.

      We will get pissed as fuck and overthrow the government. Then we will take over the media so we can push brown guilt.


  6. Impossible to have any sympathy for the Brits: not only did they do this to their own country, they are still doing it, and they put people in jail for twitter postings.

    And too many of their women are fat and ugly: What do you call an attractive woman in the UK? A tourist.


    1. Yes, despite the racial/cultural tragedy expressed by that photos, it is very interesting to point out (and you can go to the BBC for more photos) how hideous these young girls, and their teacher, are. Overweight and fugly-faced.


  7. British progressives say, “Oh, they’re just people like us.” They never said Germans are people like us, even though the two peoples were more closely related.


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