1. Is fake! Those men to have children out of anus impossible!
    Children from anus are brown with tapered ends bits of corn for eyes.


  2. They need to come up with white ink tattoos for black people. You can barely fucking make out the regular ones on them.


  3. If these homos didn’t adopt these kids, would there really be hetero adoptive parents available as alternatives? Is it always better to remain a ward of the state and hetero foster homes, if homos are banned from adopting? Either way, stable straight white adoptive parents should always be given top priority over fags in the adoption process.

    Anyway, I don’t care if homos adopt black kids because we know that there aren’t many financially stable black adoptive parents around. I’d rather fags adopt them, instead of straight whites.



  4. I would say, “wake up white man” but seems like these poor girls were forced.

    When will whites stop cucking themselves?


  5. They left off the part where after getting their girls off to school they go back to bed for the rest of the day.


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