Boyfriend 2.0



  1. It seems to be a thing with millennials that when they go out, the girls drive. To me, they all look as impotent and emasculated as this guy.


  2. The pictures you chose speak on many levels at once. This is like an Eye Spy of degeneracy.

    I spy, with my little eye:

    1. Double wide, size 16 ass. (At least)
    2. Chicano coloration
    3. Purple Hair
    4. Sleeve Tat
    5. Eyes glued to her phone
    6. While driving
    7. She’s driving
    8. He’s on his phone too
    9. He’s not fat or disfigured in any way.
    10. Jesus fucking CHRIST, I can’t look any longer


    1. lol

      I’m calling BS on this one, There’s no way it’s not a parody. I’ll give it to them, though: it’s expertly done.


  3. This also reminds me of the old joke: “What do a moped and a fat chick have in common? They’re both fun to ride, but don’t ever let anyone see you doing it.”


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