1. Somewhere along the way hate, fear, and disgust became merged into one amorphous thing. We’re “afraid” of queers, trannies, and “strong empowered women,” just like we “hate” fat-asses for no reason.

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  1. “I love my fat body!!!”

    That makes one of you.

    She can’t be serious. In addition to liposuction she needs to find a shrink.


  2. Doubtless she will be overjoyed to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and the other ailments associated with being overweight. Maybe he goal is to get on disability.

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    1. I’m in good shape and I have high blood pressure. Of course, some fatty will use an outlier like me to justify their continuing to gorge themselves to death.


  3. people are right to hate you, you fat piece of garbage. we can picture you drooling sauce on your chin while you slop up anything that’s put on a plate in front of you. it’s disgusting. your fat is not being accepted by anyone. go be fat somewhere else.

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  4. Yes but what really matters is she’ll be happy right up until the massive coronary she has at forty. Because nothing says good health liked clogged arteries and flabby muscles from a sedentary lifestyle. She probably eats salad and has a Diet Coke for lunch and then a sensible dinner of fried chicken moo shoo pork with a gallon of Ice Cream to wash it straight into her circulatory system. That’s one great pyramid of wasted government resources right there.


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