The degenerate we will always have with us. Mandarins exalting the nobility of degeneracy? That’s a twist.



  1. I don;t think he had any surgery. Just cosmetic changes.

    Sad the MSM thinks this is not irresponsible. They are watching a man self-immolate. And cheering him on. Contemptible.


  2. Courage? What courage? Degeneracy takes no courage these days. For many it is the way fame and profit, or at least to job security (can’t fire a degenerate or perv because that would be whateverphobic).
    What takes courage is to speak up in support of natural decency. That is an easy way to get attacked by SJWs (socialists, jerkoffs, wankers) and lose your job, livelihood.


  3. Our media whores’ treasure is in their castles/ mansions. All of their castles burn. When will someone light the torch and take it away?


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