I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing, In Perfect Harmony

The story. What’s that, this is the first you’ve heard of the story? Yes, well, it wasn’t much covered by the national media outlets. Funny that.


  1. “61-year-old Fletcher is now out of the hospital but facing medical bills of ā€œ$200,000 to 400,000.ā€”

    Well, now you know why you have to work: not only to feed scums like that by paying huge taxes, but also to pay your “medical” bills when this scum assault you.


  2. I hate people who blame the victim, but c’mon man. How do you expect to chase 50 wild primates off your lawn — in BALTIMORE — without carrying a chaingun or flamethrower?


    1. I would of gone out with my chainsaw running and said “get the Fuck off my car” . The first one attacking me would have gotten his arm sawed off


    2. What is funny, is that growing up with a sizable black population in close proximity I knew early on something like stepping into a black confrontation is a terrible idea. I was never scared of them, but I learned that if you go to discuss anything slightly serious with black folk, you have to get ready for an all out war. They smell fear, not sure if its a close animal instinct, but once they smell fear they get worked up just like a hive of bees. They attack anything in site, even their own. I honestly don’t think they even do it to be ‘mean’ its just in their nature and anything that looks passive or less than a direct threat, they attack.


  3. It’s utterly amazing that we will sit and tolerate this day after day. Can’t wait for the damn to bust wide open.


    1. Well without large scale media coverage, unfortunately the masses of working white people (blue collar whites who can fight back..not shitlib meely mouthed pussy whites) wont get the message.


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