Month: May 2015

Police Retraining

The reader who submitted this photo writes,

Hey there, I’m a big fan of your blogs and have been reading the chateau for a few years. Nevertheless I wanted to share a pic I took while at work – since it applies to that pink hair fruit in the body armor.
I’m a [redacted] in [American city], specifically [big American city]. The unit I work in was ordered to attend training in downtown [city]. We didn’t know what it was – I assure you that if we did we’d have called in sick.
The training was 8 hours of women droning on about raaaaaacism and empowering women and what the police NEED to do to fix these issues.
Of course, none of us take this bullshit seriously. But you are right, the end is near.

New police motto: To degrade and to shame. Will this farce continue when the last white male cop leaves the room?