1. ”People” who are little different than those in Haiti or sub-Saharan Africa cannot coexist with first world rights.”

        Your first world rights are actually God given rights to ALL people.

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      2. “Your first world rights are actually God given rights to ALL people.”

        I used to share your humanitarian universalism.

        I even believed that bringing democracy to the Middle East would be awesome because they said Arab “Thomas Jeffersons” were yearning for a peaceful first world, pluralistic society like ours. Then, they started killing each other.

        Japan is a homogenous nation. Japanese are first world people. They survived an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disasters simultaneously without becoming feral anarchists. Contrast that with how a certain segment of the diverse population in New Orleans behaved during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

        Anyway, stop being rayciss, SUBWAY, and “Let them touch dose tings.”

        (Skip to 1:55 for the good part.)

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  1. Wow. It took a few seconds to realize just what was wrong with this picture.

    Diversity is out strength!! NOT. These are the clear signs of how destructive it really is. No words needed for those with eyes to see.

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    1. Don’t fear what needs to happen. They can’t organize. They are vastly outnumbered and do not produce anything on their own. When it hits the fan, the first time they hit the wrong neighborhood without a working government or media to cover them, they will be destroyed. They know this, this is why you never see anything large scale above burning their own places and neighborhoods down. They won’t fare much better with Hispanics and Asians either, who for the most part dislike them even more viscerally than whites.

      From any type of military history standpoint, the kindest term you could possibly use for the ferals in an all out war would be … disadvantaged. Those with the food, the production, the guns, and the numbers always win.

      And yes this is even considering a full 75% of whites being helpless, clueless, or flat out treacherous.

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      1. [Laughs] You ought to write science fiction, castricv. Now, how about that proof you had sex with Kobe’s wife? Or are you going to run away yet again?


      2. Interesting insight. I agree with your assessment of 75% of the white. Many are nasty sad sacks of shit I wouldn’t trust for a second – while my back is turned.

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    1. Subway probably enclosed the work area in security glass to prevent violent vibrant customers from getting at restaurant employees. When incorrigible ghetto scum don’t get their way, the following often occurs.

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