Steve Madden’s March To The Twee

Background here. I imagine this is great for troop morale. /sarcasm



  1. If this is the sort of insane crap you’re being ordered to do, your officers are unfit for command and the military is unworthy of your service.


    1. You’re perfectly correct. I have no doubt that that video has been shown in every country, embarrassing our allies (if we have any left) and encouraging our enemies. But as long as people like Obama are in the White House and political correctness is more important and realism stuff like this will continue.

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    1. I burned all my uniforms the day I got out of the Army. Nothing more cleansing to the soul than burning your slave suit to the Jew bankers and corporate assholes…


  2. Because of course, the red blooded men who fight our nation’s wars totally signed up to risk their lives on behalf of the lgbt/feminist agenda. In fact, I remember the battle cry of our founding fathers being something to the effect of “Give me poztrannies or give me death!”. Seriously though, when the PLA or Spetnaz roll through, I suspect their biggest logistical challenge will be handling the sheer volume of defectors.


    1. A commenter at Sailer’s blog noted that if those cadets are willing to lose their manhood in this fashion, they might not hesitate when ordered to shoot normal, traditional Americans en masse someday.

      It’s time for that Tom Lea thousand yard stare meme art again:


  3. I once read that the Iroquois Injuns made the braves of conquered tribes, like the Delaware, wear female clothes as a means to shame them for being conquered. Makes me wonder if that is not exactly what is going on here. You can guess who the conqueror is…

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  4. Great example of trying to discourage recruiting. More awareness “training” for crap everyone already is aware of… Secular assault “awareness” in this case.
    What are they trying to point out, how much easier it is to catch a woman in heels?

    Reminds me of a “serial harassment” class I had to go to once. As a coworker and I walked out afterward, he asked, “When did ‘her ass’ become one word?”


  5. Meanwhile in China …

    I’m sure those lady-shoes will look real sweet at the surrender ceremonies.


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