Police Retraining

The reader who submitted this photo writes,

Hey there, I’m a big fan of your blogs and have been reading the chateau for a few years. Nevertheless I wanted to share a pic I took while at work – since it applies to that pink hair fruit in the body armor.
I’m a [redacted] in [American city], specifically [big American city]. The unit I work in was ordered to attend training in downtown [city]. We didn’t know what it was – I assure you that if we did we’d have called in sick.
The training was 8 hours of women droning on about raaaaaacism and empowering women and what the police NEED to do to fix these issues.
Of course, none of us take this bullshit seriously. But you are right, the end is near.

New police motto: To degrade and to shame. Will this farce continue when the last white male cop leaves the room?



  1. It’s all Vic’s fault….

    The Shield series did a good job showcasing the decadence of the L.A. “melting pot” and what happens when diversity meets proximity, especially at the start of the 5th season.


  2. They’re pulling the same insane crap in the military. Presumably, the goal is to drive all the actual Americans out.


  3. To be far to LA and corporate America where this is an unfortunate yet common practice, the purpose of this class was not to reduce racism, sexism or any other aspect of the DWL agenda. Instead, this is proof to offer in courtroom when the organization is getting sued, saying “Look here, your honor. We are so committed to the liberal agenda that we paid our people to attend this great class on utter bull. . . errr. . . sorry your honor. . . this great class on the most important topics facing our society today.”

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  4. Events like these are designed to demoralize the majority, like a cult that requires its members to humiliate themselves or affirm the absurd. For those who feel uneasy about this sort of thing, being forced to affirm and “celebrate” the gay lifestyle, women in combat, or some other absurdity brings them further and further away from the military they imagined they joined, their religious traditions, and the teachings of their parents.

    Even worse, there is a whole legion of amoral, ass-kissing, careerist officers and NCOs who will say and do nearly anything to advance their careers, even stuff like this that would have been the punchline for a joke a few short years ago. And for those who don’t engage in careerist cheer-leading, they’re implicated by their silence.

    Where are our Pattons? Our Billy Mitchells? Where is moral courage when it is so needed? No one if facing 20 years in Siberia. Would it be too much to ask someone in the hierarchy simply to stand up and say, “This is wrong!” Indeed, we had more courage in the time when Christians were thrown to the lions and men like Nathan Hale faced death without flinching.

    As Solzhenitsyn said, “live not by lies.”

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    1. “Why don’t YOU suck your mom’s dick?”

      Dude, grow up. This ain’t middle school. You talk tough, so why don’t you step up like Patton or Mitchell rather than bitch about things? That’s what alphas do, right?


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