1. Well there arent all that many unarmed black people to shoot in Canada, so the cops there have to shoot unarmed homophobes. And really who cares about homophobes?


      1. Hatenigger, don’t fret. The world is a much better place with the darkies and whities living together.


  2. He looks like one of those trolls from the ’90s with a jewel in its belly button. Not sure I could force myself to comply with this fruit’s orders, much as I believe in obedience to authority.


  3. Any poz you see from Canada usually comes from Toronto, the largest city in Canada and one that is majority diversity.


    1. I find French Canadians to be more or less “normal” much like their Cajun cousins in Louisiana. I think the few masculine and ballsy French left all moved to Louisiana ir East Canada. Ive met some cool Canadians from smaller towns,but those Torontonians are fucking fags.


  4. @Anonymous Dont you think the Canadian police should then be reassigned to fight a war on female obesity? And all the large lazy women could be mandated to attend fitness and nutrition classes? Police could help like in support roles such as fitness trainers.
    And those womynz who refuse would be shot for treason.. at police discretion..similar to looters..shot on sight, then hung in the town squares alongside faggots like you.


      1. “Good point, Toronto is literally the NYC of Canada.”

        Indeed, both are great places to visit. Toronto is more affordable, however. Wow, YIIIIIIIIHHH, you actually made sense for once, unlike Rick(250)Moronic.


      2. It’s often mockingly referred to as “CFU” in other regions of Canada. Centre of the Fuckin’ Universe.


    1. “Indeed, both are great places to visit. Toronto is more affordable, however.”

      It is if you want to see nothing but shoe clerks and cake decorators frantically scurrying around because they’re late for their anal bleaching appointments.


  5. I’ve seen this dude in my gym. He has some blonde chick that leads when they walk.


  6. Don’t you mean “his taser is set to fabulous”?

    {ed: It was a play on the Star Trek line “phasers set to stun”.}


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