1. Add a slice of watermelon, and that guy looks like one of those figurines you can only find on ebay for $400. That outfit alone should have earned him a “Not gitty yonna”.


  2. The superintendents and principals of these schools are payed to do the impossible. Of course they have to fabricate success to keep their jobs.

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      1. You project too much you contrarian troll. He never claimed to be “edumacated”. You inferred that in your silly little brain and then continued the conversation out loud …with yourself. You know, like women do. And liberal trolls….

        Correcting peoples’ grammar in a long comment or blog post online is childish, but correcting it in a two sentence jovial quip?? That’s just sad. But, you do it all the time on this and other blogs like it. If it’s not grammar or arguing straw men that you created out of thin air, then it is simply butting into conversations with the opposite day game just to get a rise or have others go back at you. Why not just go troll Jizzabel or Slate where you belong? Wait, I can guess.

        Everyone should just not respond to your garbage until such time as our hosts just put you on auto delete. You contribute nothing.

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    1. @Ohiomega:
      Exactly, over the last 20 years one Governor after another (and sometimes Presidents) have run on the pledge ”I’ll hold schools accountable and they’ll improve year after year!”
      That’s not realistic, it would be like expecting a baseball player who got 25 home runs last season to get 30 HRs this season, 35 HRs next, and 40 the season after that.
      Yet the schools are supposed to improve test scores year after year after year after year. After a few years of that, the only way to make that happen is to ”cheat”; fake the results. They got caught.


    1. “Well, what did you expect? Third-world populations create third-world societies.”

      Why are you dissing white Europeans?

      “Not niggercesseriley!”

It’s spelled “necessarily”.

      You must be a southron. I can always tell by how they always interject race into everything they say and do.


  3. The solution to this is hiring illegal aliens as police, prosecutors, and judges. Once that happens, you can easily bribe your way clear of all those pesky corruption charges.

    Problem solved.


  4. I love how the article questions “high stakes testing” rather than these government employees defrauding the taxpayers.


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