Judicial Reach-Around

There’s a juxtaposition here I can’t quite put my finger on.



    1. But who put the judge there? Or the clowns that allow for this politically? Or the Satanists in schools that breed this filth as acceptable?? Anyone? It’s us. It’s our culture. You can have nothing but this when the society is polluted.

      Democracy always leads to this.


  1. Ah yes, California. The judicial system there is full of little treasures, like – in addition to funding inmate sex changes – literally outlawing cost reduction. Certainly the priorities aren’t straight (so to speak).

    Gratuitous self-link-whorery included.


    1. Most people really should see and at least consider some of those videos Aryanist posts. I knew about Weimar Germany and the filth of Berlin, but not nearly to that extent. My wife also was amazed. People don’t see the parallels with the West today and there are many.


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