1. I heard about this “no pants” subway train riding. Talk about embarrassment and stupidity. These people have absolutely no concept of shame at all.


  2. Ridiculous and embarrassing.

    I usually surmise that the men are pressured to participate in these stupid events by their girlfriends, but looking at their faces in the photos I can only say that most of them look like punk-ass fags.


    1. Taking time off from stroking your bankster beard? Besides, you remember those occasions at prep school, my dear lad.


      1. We were kids and grew out of it. These are grown men and women who should know better.

        When I think about what SJWs and SWPLs look like, these people are pretty much what come to mind.

        Let it burn.


  3. Call me sheltered or maybe naive- but is this shit even real? I live in the mountains of northern New England. I can’t imagine seeing anything like this in any of the rural villages around me.


    1. So so the evil banksters are the reason that your only achievement in life is avoiding abortion?
      Please tell us more and share your plight.


  4. I’m not seeing enough vibrants or cripples or trannies here. Looks like a bunch of urban elves. They’ll need to try harder next year.


  5. That fat fag obviously didnt get enough hugs from mommy…on a lighternote,that Asian sloot with the Yankees hat on could def get a good dicking down from my prime pink sledge hammer.


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