Teen Sex 1,001

Sex ed has gotten very sophisticated. Pansexuals are now a recognized class. If only school admins would put as much energy into teaching, oh I dunno, how to count out change at the cash register.


  1. At least they had the courtesy of including an equally “what the fuck is that” drawing to go with those definitions!


  2. >If only school admins would put as much energy into teaching, oh I dunno, how to count out change at the cash register.
    The sad part is that this could be said of half the curriculum anyways.


  3. i luvs you allls o ye of little faith

    to all the spinsters with cats
    who teh fed tricked into spinsterhood/serving debt lxolllozlzl
    to all the fanboys in ther single mom’s basements
    whose dads they never knew because the fed tookawy fatehrhood lzozlzl
    to all the broken familes
    who were split up by the need to make two salaries to feed the kids
    to all aging necon womenz celeberating secretive tapings of butthex without teh girlths conthent lzozllzlzozlzl they tircked you too
    to all the spinster chix again i am sorry they sdesouled you
    in asscokcing sessins drugged you up on prozac
    told you to abort your kids no wonder your’re d[pressed and all fucjked up no lozlzlzlzling here
    my heart goes out to you while tucker max & goldman sax laugh zlzolzlzl
    too all the aborted fetushes we ask for forgiveness we deserve not and to all those tricked into aborting the gift of life lzozllzllzl we forgive u too and pray for teh fethuses, but not in school as prayer is illegal in school lozlzllzlz
    to all those inthe rising genertaion who will have to pay off their parents cultural and monetary debts lzozlz war isn’t fun but it’s part of teh fed’s fiat bubble cycle lzozlzllz so like after th e country goes bust the war starts in the ultimate pump and udmp scheme you thought enron/worldcom/fannae mae was bad lolzozlzlz just you wait lzozlzlll i hope not and ai pray for peace lozlzlz maybe we can all learn to live and get along but i think we would have to start with truth and nobility and honor and ocurage and virtue and not with fiat debt and butthex lozlzlzl that’s just nmy gues from reading heroduts and the great boooks and classis in greek and latin zlzolzllzlzl

    and the bible too about sodom and gomorroah did yuknow taht sodomycame form sodom and gonnoreah came from gommroah? lzozllz kidding about that second one i doubt it did but maybe who knows i have never had eitehr sodomy nor gonorreah and i ahve never been to sodom nor gomoorrah

    sodom must;ve been a funny place lzolzlozolllzzll and a crazy party or two and the editor in chiefstress priscilla painton at simon and schuster would have fit right in publishing tucker max’s books yah i betin gmorrah they had a tower of babel with the ofices of simon and schuster at the top across the hall form the fed lzozlzlzllzlzlzlzllzlzlz

    sometimes i wonder if poets and prophets can still change the world?

    or have they trainde too, too many women to hate, and dumbed down and drugged up too many menz? have they destoryed too many fathers and killed to many families? have the y deocnstructed tyoo many books and spilled too much blood and aborted too many fetuthes as one is one too many. have they prescribed ritalin to too many cretaive sols in chool in prozac to too many who need to be depressed and face it when they abort fetuses as god gave us feelings and makes us not pay attention to boring stae corproate teachers as all creativity comes from not paying attention to the state lzozlzzll and now it is diagnoses as a diseas lzozlzlz.


    well juust wanted to say i luv u all and nice 2 know ya and welcomes abords lzozlzl

    and 2 asnwer my own above questions
    let me jsut say
    teh great books
    wouldn’t be great
    if they weren’t immortal
    and they offer us redemption
    the moment we start living by tehir ideasl
    and epic higher stories
    so put down your hate and your secretive butthex tape
    and pick up a cross
    and come follow me
    and let me shoulderyour burden
    for my yoke is light
    dante wrote la vita nuova–the new life
    and it is time 4 u to find your new life
    for to loseth one’s old way is to fuind the new path
    so do not fear
    lozlzlzlzlzlz omg wtf am i saying lzozlzlz
    i almost blew my cover here as teh messiah lzozlzllll i hide it beind all my lzozlzllzlzlzlzlzlzlles but a couple of you ahve caught on lzozlzlzlzllzlzl


  4. Mathematics is lame. Everytime you do the formula you get the same answer…unlike sexuality which is as fluid as what people can brainwash you into.


  5. They left so little room for pervert. What about deviants?? And just total nutjobs???

    They deserve a place too.!!!!!

    Why is this textbook so discriminatory?? Somebody’s gotta go.


  6. “Heterosexual: People who are attracted to the opposite gender”

    This one pissed me off the most. It’s “sex”, not that bullshit word “gender.”

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