Self-Culling Cat Ladies



      1. She was prime minister of Israel, not president of the US, although I doubt it makes much difference anymore, especially to you “Robert” Kike.


  1. The only country I know holding such a sterotype against a woman having more than one cat is United States. As an animal lover, I wonder if a woman having more than one cat shouldnt be seen as a nurturing and tender human being? Whats wrong with having a cat or more? Isnt it cruel to animals to reinforce such a public cruel opinion against women who take care of indefense animals? This is obviously mean and prejudized. And works agains those poor little felines. No wonder why things are becoming more and more strange in your country. Why is a decline there is not strange to me. Holding harsh opinions on women who take care of little animals whilst supporting those who abort will not lead to general wellbeing. Every creature deserves respect! A little cat and her owner dont harm anybody!


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