1. During a brief stint in IT at a public library, I quickly learned how device- and internet-addicted both the slovenly and legitimately homeless are. Their fucked up community requires lots of back-and-forth to acquire drugs and rides and what not.

    Eventually it would be great to have internet-of-everything which includes tracking of the indigent. Think about it. State-issued and subsidized devices which allow sociologists on one level to track their migrations and patterns and on another level, warns subscribers who wish to avoid such people. It’s win-win.

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    1. Dude they already have this,but aren’t using it for that purpose nor telling you it even exists in the first place.

      As for the “homeless” if you cannot tell the difference between legitimately f’ed up and pandering, you deserve to lose money to charlatans. Helping these people is worse than spitting on real homeless.


    2. They’d sell their phones for drugs. Even if there was an incentive not sell them most have a complete inability to see life past the immediate, which is why they’re bums in the first place.

      Cool idea though.


  2. Hey I just had a woman on government assistance come in for a subsidized (ie free) checkup.

    She was away all month and couldn’t come in earlier— as she was in Barbados for the month.

    Be a parasite–it really pays. YOU work, they take. Enough.


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