A Girl’s Gotta Have Standards



    1. Frederica Bimmel from Silence of the Lambs? Frederica was only a size 14, if I recall – this walrus cow is definitely a size 18 or above…. and one of her best attributes is her demure sense of modesty. I think if I was a young man today I would be horrified at what’s being offered.


  1. That woman is beautiful, one of you CH worshipping loser ass simps should date her. The black guys will be with the skinny attractive white girls that don’t want you CH butt boys. All these fat white bitches and the decline of the west is what your white ancestors left you, enjoy you legacy!


    1. What, pray tell is CH? Perhaps it’s a black thing, I wouldn’t understand? Enjoy these cows, black man, it’s the only white meat you will ever get.


  2. I wonder if she is projecting here and doing what works for men: express extreme confidence as a self-fulflling prophecy. Just like women who say, “neediness is so unattractive.” Not in a hot women, it’ snot. Her problem is that we men are simple and visual; the eyes don’t lie. Look for a nice guy in the copy room.


  3. Why are you all hassling this incredibly beautiful woman? You losers are just envious you can’t score a woman this beautiful. Why I do believe I saw this gorgeous woman on the cover of a national magazine:


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