1. This what a biological dead end looks like.

    I almost prefer to herbivore gamers who stay locked away in their basements to these feebles.

    At some point aryanist you have to let go and realize you are better off preserving a remnant of right minded people you cherish that saving “whites” as a whole when so many of them are beyond broken.


    1. This is precisely what the Third Reich put in place with the Lebensborn in order to make possible the regeneration of the Nordic race by selecting the pure Nordic elements among the population of Germany and permitting them to give birth to healthy children. As for the individual of the pictures, they are more or less white outwardly but not inwardly.


  2. Dad on the far right looks vaguely confused.

    “What the hell happened to my family?”

    Shh! Shhhhh… just let it happen…


  3. I don’t usually find pleasure in fucking another man’s wife but I would ravage that brunette tart on the left just for the fun of it. That bald-headed estrogen balloon probably hasn’t been within sniffing distance of her slit for months and I wouldn’t be surprised if he organized that little soiree. Also what the fuck is up with glasses in the background holding beaded hat douche around the waist ever so gently.


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