1. Right on.

      Well, at least she didn’t get a botched lip injection like that slut from MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham.

      Unfortunately for the single mom above, she seems to have waited too late to get into the porn industry to maximize any earnings that could provide for her brood.


    1. Emancipation is more like “Womancipation” or “womb-mancipation”

      If that single mom were ever knocked up by a beta white guy, I have a feeling she would have hastily terminated that pregnancy.

      In my blue pill days, I had sympathy for single moms, but now I know these bitches deserve their affliction.

      The welfare state and birth control technologies have upset the natural order for reproduction and survival. These sluts don’t have to seriously worry about starvation from their poor choices which is why they don’t chase or worship beta providers anymore, even after having multiple bastard kids.


  1. If one day you are unemployed, do not feel guilty, at least you won’t give half of the money you earn to the so-called “State” (sic) by paying taxes in order to ensure the living of scums like that.


  2. What’s with those eyes? She looks demented, only a black man would have her. And someone should tell her to vacuum that rug, she doesn’t work so let her keep her house need. She is one crazy-looking mudshark.


  3. Damm this nasty bitch. Nothing at all is redeemable or excusable about this pig. Once when they are young and dumb and society has screwed their minds up, but surely after the devastation it causes to their lives, they wouldn’t repeat, not from some moral awakening but from sheer self-harm if continued. But no. 8. 8 poor bastards that have no father, no identity, and a walking sperm dumpster for a mother. All paid for by borrowed money and the insane taxes on what’s left of the working man in that country. These 8 are enough to fill a whole block of a village that was once probably quite nice. This of all the filth presented is the worst one yet.

    And she is so proud to exhibit her utter shame. Why did her grandfather fight in WW2 again?

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  4. I usually mock some of the guys here for the whining about mudsharkery. But this bitch deserves “Southern Hospitality”.

    Honestly, as a “dune coon”, I wouldn’t mind using her oven. Not because she is hot or in any way desirable, but it would be upsetting to my pride that so many muds used her for breeding and I haven’t. Probably wouldn’t even have to pay a dime.


  5. “You know the system: They want to throw white children and colored children into the melting pot of integration out of which will come a conglomerated, mulatto, mongrel class of people! Both races will be destroyed in such a movement.”


  6. I don’t fault the woman–she is obviously born broken or damaged in some way and is little better than a retard. I fault the community where she lives, and her society at large, for tolerating and accepting her instead of shunning her into suicide, which would benefit the society not least by discouraging more of these revolting creatures from arriving at this state.


  7. Also. It seems like this woman can’t seem to find a white man to mate with and she is addicted to black men. So sad, white men are being bred out of existence due to our women mud sharking and dating non whites. A white woman wants alpha fucks, beta bucks. She wants a white man after she has a thugs kids. I’ve heard it before how they think white men are nice and good for marriage. White men are seen as dopes, suckers and beta chumps by alot of women.


  8. That nasty whore should have kept her legs shut! She has such a sense of entitlement as though society is supposed to pay for her poor decision to slum it up. There is no mention of a husband in that article, so we are left to wonder whether these kids were from different nogs?


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