Suicide Would Be Less Wordy



    1. Piece o’cake:
      Just past the image URL into the comment ‘as is’:

      Works for YouTube URLs as well.


  1. This comes from one of those “black on white” fetish porn sites. I know this fetish exists. Its not clear to me how widespread this fetish is.


    1. Yeah, I hope that this is like a Sam Hyde joke.

      If that guy is serious, then he must really be gay and his wife is just a “beard” to mask his deviancy.

      A woman that openly cheats and tries putting a chastity device on her husband deserves a fair response….like jamming a rotary cultivator into her cooch.


  2. W…T…F…

    Anyway, back pages of City Paper in the 90s used to have five sections of dating ads: men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, women seeking women, and “anything goes.” In that last category there used to be similar race cuck ads; I remember one in the opposite direction, posted by a gay (?) black male who wanted to play out fantasies of being absed by racist white massa.

    Either way, get a fucking room. (ie don’t post this shit on the internet)


  3. This is very real and there’s many more like it. I did a google image search on the picture and I found the original set. Let’s just say, with the equipment he’s packing, it’s no wonder his wife would cheat on the poor guy.

    Remember, Hypergamy doesn’t uphold your “devotion” over feral desires. It only cares about its primal, innate, desires first and foremost.


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