1. The fine product of a single mom dating a bad boy loser just like she saw mom do. Too bad the crash didn’t end her and spare taxpayers the costs of paying for her bastards when daddy goes to jail. On the bright side that scar is bad. . Maybe she will be ugly from it


  2. To be honest, this is probably the least offensive thing posted here in this site’s history. Two adults go for a joyride in England in what is a tiny Euro car. They top out around 115 mph. and lose control before a few flips down a ditch and some cuts and bruises. Stupid? Sure. Destructive to society? Nah, we’ve been doing stuff like this since cars were invented and before that with horses, etc.

    Since they are in Britain he is driving (on left in pic) so it’s a dude impressing his girl in a car. She even seems to think quite highly of him and takes half the blame for the accident “we”.

    Even if it is some lame attempt at a public service announcement, it doesn’t really ruffle any feathers.


    1. Assuming those pics are real, I think this post’s theme is also about the extreme attention whoring that has gripped the West. That is destructive to our societies.

      There are too many status/attention whoring SWPL leftoids that ignore the self-inflicting damage that many of their causes have sown on their fellow native countrymen in order to score points with the SJW “clergy”, such as white protesters that get beaten by black thugs at anti-police rallies and stubbornly defend their attackers.

      Or, it’s just like Charlie Hebdo staff continuing to defend multi-culturalist, open borders policies after getting enriched by jihadist diversity. Attention-whoring celebrities and politicians lobbied for the end of South Africa’s apartheid because it “felt right” while ignoring race realism and the plight of the white minority there.

      Unlike most social justice warriors that throw traditional white Europeans under the bus, at least that girl is only posturing for throwing herself under a bus.


  3. “We overturned the car”
    Doesn’t sound right to me. Here in Oz we say “I rolled the car” , I’ve heard yanks say “I’ve flipped the car. Never heard anyone say ‘overturned’ if it is England maybe it’s an English thing.


  4. This thing happened here in Brazil, in Parana State. It´s not fake. She wrote “capotou o carro” in portuguese. Search “Selfie capotou carro” into google to see the brazilian news.

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