1. Only two ways to fuck a fatty; 1) roll her in flour and look for the wet spot; or
    2) slap her ass and ride the next wave in.
    And you’re welcome for the horrifying mental picture.


  2. Is that the size 22 “model” they profiled on NPR this afternoon? I heard that spot and all I could think of was this blog. She said in the interview that one of her tattoos is Miss Piggy!


  3. I hate fat people. They are Lazy. Every single fat girl I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to had claimed she eats healthy and wants to be thin. You then see that she eats fast food and never works out. She eats 5000 calories of lard a day and lies and says it’s not her fault and plays that big bone shit. I’m sick of being healthy and paying more for insurance that a fat single mom does. . That shit is theft and these land whales are destroying society.


    1. If she ate Lard, she’d be skinny! Its the 5,000 calories of sugar, artificial sweetner, simple carbs and “low fat” sh*t she eats that makes her fat!


  4. Cripes, Look at the size of her left upper arm relative to the forearm. That is not regular fatness but deformed fatness. Her body is literally struggling to figure out where to put the fat next…


  5. According to feminists and fat single mom’s. . A real woman is fat, ugly has massive debt and three kids from three men and is currently a single mom living in section 8. A real man is six feet plus, makes six figures, has a ten inch dick, a mansion, a Mercedes. Goes on vacation twice a year, wears designer clothes and had no kids and is ready to settle down and marry her within a month of dating and he will adopt her kids an pay for them. .a real man will always pay For this fat skank and and lose his mansion and cash after the divorce and her kids will have this real man paying child support for ten plus years until he files bankruptcy and kills himself to escape this pain. So tell me. Which gender is being unreasonable? .


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