The Job Was Open



    1. I think the bottom pic is one of those “gamer girls” that has a YouTube or Twitch channel that has legions of beta/omega video game nerds that pay and watch her play games on livestreams.

      She’ll take her fans’ beta bux, but her eyes hint that she was (or is) probably a more x-rated webcam whore.

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    2. I think you are mistaken, that right there is an “evil fem cunt Lorena Bobbit, laugh at you while you bleed out and die” stare. A true 1000 cock stare usually would not look so menacing if that actually is one.


    1. It doesn’t matter what that satanic slattern of the Illuminati thinks.

      “Little Asian pecker” civilizations would still outperform and dominate over African “civilizations”.


  1. I’ve seen that in countless ads – the top is the ‘before’ (diet scheme) and the bottom is the ‘after’ (diet scheme).
    Of course, the reality is the bottom is ‘before’ (”self rescuing princess”) and ‘after’
    At least she didn’t ”have ink done” like this um,er, someone, er, something:


      1. Unsure, but short of nudity (do you really want to see THAT nekkid? Me neither) the only way to tell whether it’s male of female would be with a blood sample.
        Assuming it even HAS blood that is…


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