1. One day these women will have to explain how men are emasculated and denied authority and are still expected to have power and the ability to provide and protect. Weak, poor emasculated men can’t provide or protect so why then do these sluts run to men and expect those things when times get tough? . They seem to think men are an inexhaustible resource. . News flash ladies, the supply of providers and protectors is running low. Men want to get status and respect. We don’t provide for you for free. We have needs and wants as well. You can’t have a society survive when half the population is marginalized. .


    1. Just wait until the SHTF and the welfare state collapses completely, these women will crawl back to most self-sufficient men, instead of just catering to alphas exclusively, when they start facing a life of starvation in the wilderness.

      Of course, in a SHTF scenario, betas will likely become more alpha as well, if everybody is surviving by committing banditry in the early stages of a total collapse.

      Our obesity problem and beta marginalization should start disappearing soon after their entitlement cushion is removed. The trick is for beta survivalists to not coddle and spoil their women next time during the rebuilding of society.

      If you want to get an idea of how this would look, skip to the 9:37 mark of this vid:

      In the above scene I mention, Andrew Lincoln plays a wealthy beta male that has all of the family property rights in the male-dominated society of that era. His pregnant sister is begging him to let her back into his household, after she disobeyed him and married an alpha bad boy. The alpha bad boy husband dumped her soon after the honeymoon creampie. Also, the beta’s wife (Lincoln’s) really loves the alpha bad boy.

      This version of Wuthering Heights, starring Tom Hardy and Andrew Lincoln, is an excellent case study of alpha male (Tom Hardy) and beta male (Andrew Lincoln) behavior and women’s hypergamy.


  2. This narcissist gooch-faced bint is getting an IUD shoved up her chum tube and needs you to know all about it. For the environment, or something.


    1. Well atleast this dumbass bitch is telling other bitch’s to keep their pussy sewn up tight instead of poppin’ a bunch of fuckin’ kids out. Even if the moron is using “less carbon” as a reason.


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