1. Really! That stupid bigot got what he deserves. I bet he also said something misogynistic or transphobic to that innocent muslim too!

      Hate speech and other microaggressions need to stop now!


      1. I don’t know.

        Why do you infidels ride that joke so much. Many muslims don’t even know about those virgins. Seriously.


  1. Today is the day that the chance of multikult third-world colonisation being peacefully fixed became zero. War is inevitable.


    1. That’s Sally Kohn, a militant lesbian Jew. An idiot as well, but here I repeat myself. Never heard she was transgender. In any case the digit ratio does not look all that convincing here.


  2. Another fun fact: the editor of the magazine who was killed regularly received death threats, and so had a police bodyguard, who was also killed. Rumor has it he was unarmed — still want to confirm this. Not sure about the cop shot/executed on the ground — he certainly did not attempt to use his pistol, if he had one (?).

    If you watch the video of the shooting there is no obvious blood — granted the camera lingers for only a few moments. But you expect to see blood.

    Heard another rumor that the reason the suspects were ID’d so quickly is that they left their IDs behind when they changed cars – ?


  3. Four other fun facts.
    -The individuals behind this rag were communists, anarchists and other scums who have always supported the destruction of the White race and of what can remain of the european society.
    -The individuals behind this rag alledgedly supported this subversive, demagogic and unrealizable “idea” which is “freedom of speech” but wanted the “Front National” (a so-called “far right” french political party) to be banned. http://i.imgur.com/eaBuK1t.jpg
    -This rag had the french revisionnist Vincent Reynouard condamned to six months of jail because he used 19 of their drawings in his publications without their permission.
    -All the mediatic agitation going around this event is only theater and manimulations.

    So, this is not “Adieu France” but on the contrary ” Adieu anti-France”.


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