Nothing Left To Do But Covet



  1. The all new 2015 status whore mobile, yeah! Looks like a glorified Honda Accord Coupe. I would rather go with the Honda than anything from Too Big To Fail Motors.

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  2. The funny thing is government motors don’t even realize who their clients actually are. The people who still religiously “buy American” or have to have a Chevy or Ford or GM are almost always bubble area whites that fiercely believe in God. The people this ad would appeal to in even the slightest are already driving a Benz or a Suburu. The 70 year old white guy who loves his Caddy surely don’t like idiocy like this thrown against them. Ridiculous. And they wonder why they are failing. Heck only Fords for work trucks are even worth a dam.

    I bought my first Nissan in 2002 and I have never gone back.


  3. submission for new post:

    backstory: unelected Jewish judges across the country are having state constitutions, approved by the people, declared “unconstitutional” on the gay marriage issue.

    The issue, of course, is not “should gays be able to marry?” The proper issue is “who gets to decide–the people via their written constitution and statutes, or an unelected Jewish judge whose loyalty is to the Tribe and its anti-normal-white family agenda?”

    The answer should be clear.


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