1. Women are dumb. They are born with it all. Just don’t eat like a pig and be nice. Stay home and let a man provide, guaranteed family with little to no effort from her. . They instead chase thugs and fuck losers and then bitch about not being able to find a good man. Well that good man doesn’t have a good job because a career skank has his job so he can’t provide. He also spent the past 10-15 years watching girls like Handler get plowed by assholes in the stall of a bathroom at a shitty club. You know the inmates run the prison when women are not shamed and actually proud of wasting their best years being a whore. It’s like they think men are blind and stupid. This whore who did this book is proud to have been a cum dumpster for men who don’t even remember fucking her.

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    1. “It’s like they think men are blind and stupid.”

      I’m pretty sure it’s that they don’t give a fuck about what most men think about them.

      Also I’m pretty sure it works both ways. Do you really care what some fat warpig thinks about you?

      Now imagine if that 80 percent of women turned into 300 pound landwhales, just completely disgusting human beings, and the rest of the women fell into 10 fuckable if you have to make do, 7 percent not bad good enough, 3 percent totally hot.

      That’s the world girls live in. It’s a sliding scale. No matter how fit, how good looking, how much money, how interesting if there are 20 percent men above you that are collectively simply better, then you’re a metaphorically landwhale. A non sexual entity.

      Whereas with guys, if you’re in decent shape and aren’t ugly, good enough for sex. However, with marriage we are just as picky except it usually comes down to looks and youth with everything else being a very distant second.


  2. No need to spend your money purchasing the book, just watch “Sex In The City” re-runs on your teevee : different medium, but the same sh*t.


    1. Unlikely. Her older sister is an evangelical Christian. Not many Jews convert, even less to Evangelical, working class Christianity. Handlers nothing new. Mae West mined the same stuff. No talent? Slut it up.


      1. She definitely is of YKW background.

        From her Wikipedia page: “Her American father is Jewish; her German-born mother, who came to the United States in 1958, was a Mormon. Handler was raised in Reform Judaism and had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony. She has said that while growing up she felt like an outsider, recalling, “We lived in this nice Jewish neighborhood…”

        So, is it mere coincidence that despite a lack of talent, she is very prominent in the media? Or is it Tribal self-promotion?

        And is it mere coincidence that she uses her media pulpit to promote degeneracy and whorishness amongst white women? Or is it Tribal subversion of the host culture?


  3. I can’t wait for the inevitable sequel Handler will release in a few years, once she’s past it…

    “My Invisible Life: Now That I’m Old, Men Regard Me as an Asexual Being”


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