1. Backstory? Cause all it looks like is a ginger wanna be Muslim who doesn’t realize that his “conversion” will mean nothing once the racial mix tips far enough away from him.

    Now if it is some organic strain of morality wrapped in Sharia as cover in order to stem the sheer filth on that retched island then perhaps that’s a different matter.

    As is, I can’t tell the purpose other than more images from a world that has gone nuts.


    1. To cut the young man putting up “sharia zone” signs some slack : Maybe he comes originally from a Christian background. Maybe he got sick and tired of the immorality that now totally permeates Western culture. Maybe he just wants to live in a world where morality is upheld, the importance of family is upheld. He certainly will not find the Christian churches upholding Morality and Family.

      The once Christian West flushed Christian morality down the toilet, but culture — like nature — doesn’t like a vacuum. In the place of Christian morality, here comes Sharia. Many of those from Christian backgrounds originally who totally rejected Christian morality are going to rue the day they flushed Christian morality down the toilet ; They cried and complained about the heaviness of The Christian Cross, wait until they get a load of the heaviness of Islamic Sharia Law.


  2. Don’ think that’s in the US.


    Looks like a UK license plate on the black VW and the cars are parked facing the wrong direction. But the song remains the same.


  3. Red hair and Islam is actually a not-uncommon occurrence. First, Muhammad was supposedly a red-head (which inspires a lot of hair dying). Then Chechens have a lot of red-heads. (the guy looks Chechen to me).


  4. How exactly are they gonna enforce those rules?

    Also, those things don’t sound too terrible, if you’re THAT kind of conservative…

    You should deal with these people and think about strong rules yourself.


  5. Clear case of a loser switching to a shitty ideology to see if his fortune will fare better under it even though it’s a cancer to society as a whole.

    We used to have a place for this guy and his ilk. There were called monasteries where he could be a crazy nutty monk while not bothering sane people. The modern day ugly feminist was shown to her natural place also, the Nunnery.

    It was like taking a ill behaved dog to a open farm. These people would have all the room they wanted to carry on about anal delusional radical ideology and pontificate on how the world is a horrible place that needs to rules that abide by their non logic. Now these people join Academia or some crazy niche group which would be fine but for some reason the government takes them seriously.


  6. Sad for many reasons but not the least of which, is the fact that this fellows only acceptable way to rebel against an overly socialized, weak willed and decadent Western Society is to become a bearded hustler like this. You see, years ago a white man who cared about order and rules in society became an un cool thing to be. This kind of kid speaks up about something that isn’t main stream SJW approved and he is a racist, sexist etc etc..we are all sure to see more of this on the way.

    This is in England and I can almost guarantee you this kid is from Irish immigrant parents who I can also more than likely socialist, victim olympic, IRA sympathizing, Union supporting, leftists scum. He has probably been brought up with the same under dog, welfare recipient, cry baby attitude that the Irish seem to love.


  7. The hypocricy in these commnets is amazing. Almost all of them make a rascist “ginger” or “red” comment about his hair.


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