Step 1: Alienate A People From Their History



    1. That painting is Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch”, considered an iconic national image for the Netherlands. Going to see it in person has traditionally been a rite of cultural passage for the Dutch. The little fuckers with the phones apparently don’t see it that way.


  1. This photo was actually taken in Amsterdam at the Rijksmuseum there, since that painting is Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’.
    Whoever took this photo was lucky – normally one can barely move in that room, since that painting is one that everyone wants to be photographed in front of. Those girls are probably tourists uploading to Instagram or Facebook (but nearly all Dutch women and girls seem to have smartphones surgically attached to their hands too).

    The Rijksmuseum is also, coincidentally, where Obummer gave a press conference back in March with Mark Rutte, The Netherlands’ Prime Minister, for the 3rd Nuclear Security Summit. A large part of the centre of Amsterdam was shut down for half a day, just for the Great Usurper’s visit.

    Rest assured America, your country isn’t the only one in decline. You may be slightly ahead of us, but the rest of the West is catching up fast!


  2. To be fair here, this is really tame. These kids look between 10-12. When you went on field trips with other kids were you diligently observant of every piece of art you encountered. Did you not gather around a Game Boy or someone’s Walkman?? Or if earlier a deck of cards, etc.??

    I think the only glaring issue in this image is that there are no chaperones telling the kids to put away their phones or not have them with them at all.


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