An Opportunity To Let Your Friends Know You’re A Goodwhite

Ferguson protestors in Manhattan, mostly well-off white liberals, drop to the ground in solidarity with people from whom they live far away, and record their revolution for Facebook Likes.



    1. Nobody gives a shit period. There surely has to be a German word for self pleasure derived from prostrating yourself before anything or anyone whom is an enemy, different, or mildly to ful on hateful or you and your kind. Troll facebook for pictures of girls you date. If they are ever in a pic like this or even like one of them, bang her anal style and never think about her again.


  1. Some nice specimens of self hating degenerate pseudo-white trash who enjoy their 1000 dollars “smartphones” manufactured by yellows who work 15 hours/day 7/7d and whose precious metals they contain are extracted by 12/20 years old niggers who work also 15 hours/day 7/7d to be paid 50 dollars a month.

    These vaginal faggots do not give a shit of all the black on white (and more generally colored people on white) crimes commited, which have for most of them no mediatization in the jewish and kosher media and which in number overwhelm by far the white on black/colored crimes.

    Hope that they will perform a good facebook revolution and have a lot of like.


  2. Wimpy millennial “look at me!” activism like this almost makes the burning down their own neighborhood activism look less ridiculous by comparison. Almost.


  3. What would be really funny is someone taking a selfy of themselves tea bagging one these protesters, preferably one of the protesters updating their face book/ twitter status.


  4. I like how they are using smart phones while pretending to be dead.

    They can’t even do their own moments of gravitas right.

    LOL. Just LOL.


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