Looks Bad From Every Angle



    1. Oh, come on. Lena Dunham’s father is Protestant (a Mayflower descendant, even). Is she also an argument for anti-Protestantism?

      If anything, it sounds like she got her sensibility from him. “David Pagel, in a Los Angeles Times review intended to be complimentary, described his paintings as ‘vulgar beyond belief… It’s easy to see why many people find them offensive, demeaning and disgusting, as well as mean-spirited, malicious and horrific.'” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_Dunham

      Even if both of her parents were Jewish, it’s ridiculous to tar an entire people based on one person (as gross as she is).


      1. Jews don’t need to be horrible without exception for me to have a low opinion of them.

        Also, it was a joke. But really, LD is a Jew. Her parents are Jews. They have disgusting definitions of “art” like Jews. They reject beauty and morals like typical Jews. They live in New York and use nepotism to give this no talent hack air time like Jews.

        If you embody everything that people hate in them, this kind of joke appears appropriate.


  1. She is fondly remembering the time she paid a guy to jizz in her eye and kick her in the shin so she can hop around like a one legged pirate, ARrrrrrhgh!


    1. It’s worse than frumpy. Frumpy is not attractive but not offensive either. There’s something about Lena that’s repulsive. Those beady eyes and creepy teeth. She also has a hint of the short bus about her.


  2. In fairness to Jews, I’ll bet Netanyahu thinks she’s a piece of shit too, if he’s even heard of her. Lots of Israeli Jews deeply dislike their American co-religionists.


    1. Israeli Jews might be superior as human beings to American kikes, but they squat on the land of people that I give a shit about and the way they got it, shows how insidious they are. So whatever.


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