Hallucination Nation

What’s worse, a fatty with mental illness, or the cheerleaders who enable her mental illness?



    1. Where to start with that freak with pink hair.
      – Marxist-feminist
      – Body type: “curvy” (lol)
      – Straightedge, vegan, “demisexual”. One giant attention whoring clusterfuck with a side of smug pretentiousness .
      – You go grrrrrrrrl attitude yet looking for short term dating with literally anyone, anywhere.
      – “Splits time between CT and Williamsburg”= parents in CT pay for my $2k a month Williamsburg apt while I hang out with other shiftless “artists” and drink free trade coffee from Oslo.


  1. This blob or immense immodest sow is some man’s fetish. They call themselves “BBWs” (Big Beautiful Women) and they advertise so men will date them and spend time with them. My daughter showed it to me online, there are hundreds of them. So disgusting, so unhealthy to be so vain trying to reach a goal weight of 600 lbs. Truly they will burn for this gluttony while others starve.


  2. This is so true. I encountered several like this on dating sites. The fat 41 year old single mom who looks like this beast. Talking trash to men who are all above her in looks. Half of dating sites are women like this all looking for Mr big


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