Hands Up, Don’t Loot! (please)

This is a photo of the convenience store that Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown robbed before his altercation with a Ferguson cop. The owner hoped that appeasing the mob before the night of the grand jury decision would spare his store. Appeasement never works as intended on irrational tribalists.


  1. At what point do these people as a whole feel any shame for how pathetic many of them are? I couldn’t show my face at work if I were black. Perhaps that’s the intention. Breed the shame out of them. This country is more alienated from each other than at any other point since the Civil War.

    Not to sound too “old white man” at 35, but all these people have is the once in a blue moon fiesta of stealing when the big bad white man allows it. This is why I repeat, no matter how “cool you are with blacks”, when sh*t actually hits the fan they will not care a bit about committing all manner of savagery on a whim, just because…It’s inhuman and many many of all other races are seeing this clearer everyday.

    I apologize to the several decent blacks I have conversed with on the red pill side of the internet, but they must appreciate the fact that it is no longer viable, safe, or even tolerable to be around their kind any longer. Real estate in Idaho, a shotgun or two, and then unfortunately watch the country our fathers fought for burn to the ground in the hope something will be reborn.


    1. Most blacks can never be fully “red pill” because it’d require them to look honestly on history and race in a way that would necessarily lower their artificially high self esteem.

      The cognitive dissonance between the feelgoodism they’re dutifully taught and the unforgiving reality of who they actually are and where they actually come from is too intense for 99 percent of them.

      This is illustrated best in the “purple pill” blacks who accept the lies inherent in feminism and reject the notion of inequality applied to race.

      Athlone of ROK(Adonis at CH) is the greatest exponent of the genre I’ve come across.


  2. “I only like white men on my money (inaudible), I ain’t racist really but I’m black and proud. Those who were last shall be first whites on the bottom”. 1:01 08/15/14 Free$tyle Big’Mike Luh Vee

    In which Mike Brown openly states his black supremacist views…but ain’t racist really.


    1. “shall be first whites on the bottom”
      to be fair, it was a fairly large bottom, by all accounts. Form an orderly queue please.


  3. The idea that the looting assholes in Ferguson gave two quantums of a shit about Brown or anyone else is beyond absurd. They just wanted some free beer, some free shoes, and the fun of burning shit down. A lot of those types would have been happy to shoot Brown themselves if he had happened to be between them and something they wanted. Of course appeasement doesn’t work – raising Hell is the whole point.

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  4. Hey asian store owner, you got strong armed by a giant ape and you thought the rest of the nigs would be any different? Guess you finally have a reason to gtfo.

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