Standards Are On The Wrong Side Of History

US Marine Corps considers lowering combat standards for women. The decline is accelerating.



  1. If loweing standards for women is no big deal, why do men have to be judged more harshly? Isn’t that DISCRIMINATION?

    I’m serious. Either those lower standards for women do no damage. In that case, men should also be let in if the do as well as the female acceptees. Or it is unacceptable for men to be that unfit. Then women shouldn’t be let in either.

    These imbeciles seem to think that since different standards work in P.E. it also works everywhere else.

    Problem: the teleos of P.E. is to get the best out of each student. Judging fit girls by boys standards would be counterproductive. However, the teleos of phyiscal fitness tests in the military is to produce effective soldiers. Judging women by the same standard here is an absolute necessity. If you say that a male recruit who can’t do XYZ is inadequate, so is anyone else who fails to do so. If doing XYZ isn’t necessary for female recruits, why is it necessary for the others?

    This is why I believe that America and every country like it is destined to doom.


    1. Precisely why CHILDREN should be seen and not heard, let alone monitored by strict parents.

      I saw what my niece was turning into years ago thanks to a non-existant meth-head father and a nasty moron for a mother. I turned my back and never spoke to them again. At 18, she looks like a motorcycle gang member’s property with piercings, sleeves of tattoos and dressing like a slut. I’m sure she’ll marry very well as doctor’s and sons from good families will joyously introduce this street trash to their mommies as the fiancés and wives.


      1. What the hell are you talking about?

        A 16 year old is not a child and nothing she said was abnormal.

        Not sure if 14 year olds should be permitted to fuck iddle aged men, but it’s not inherently evil. The fact that we send them to prison if they commit crimes, is a sign that you have faith in their ability to decide between right and wrong. If 14 year old are unaccountable children (you know, like 7 year olds for example) why are they bring tried in court for crimes? It is ludicrous. You standards must match.


  2. Imagine 70 years ago men went off to war and hoped to come back to their lovely wives, fiancés and girlfriends.. Imagine having to come home to the female drill instructor…

    I’m guessing the men would just go off… When a society is degenerated to this point, there is nothing to fight for, only escape from. Sort of like Communism, think there is a correlation?


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