Finally! The Answer For Men Who Want That Hourglass Figure

The reader who submitted this photo explains,

Technically this is ‘Goodbye UK’ as this advert for a male corset was seen in the shop front of a store in Brixton (a once-edgy now hipster gentrified suburb of South London). I’d put money on them being available across the pond though.

I’m all for looking good but the emasculating, quick-fix notion of a male corset which results in emphasized bitch-tits is faggotry at its worst!

It’s a two-for-one portent of Western decline. Note the male’s vibrant partner.


  1. Note the male’s vibrant partner.

    LOL. What a stupid nerd-fantasy. [“I strap this corset on, omigod the dusky poon I shall troll!”]


  2. The real reason this is “Goodbye UK” is that the advert is in Spanish. We don’t even have a significant Spanish-speaking “community” in the UK. Jesus! No wonder tax-payers have to fork out £140m per year for translation services.


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