1. The funny thing is that all it would take to completely change these girls’ lives is some actual adult to come up to them sternly and yell “hey, don’t use that language! who do you think you are!”

    But that would be abuse or patriarchy or something?? Not sure as the parameters change everyday. We don’t live in a liberal wasteland, Obama is not the problem, and Republicans will fix nothing. Nah, we live in the depths of a completely female world, complete with neurotic fantasies come to life. The sooner we stuff womens’ demons back into the hell-bottle they came from and free them from the burdens or being “of the world”, the sooner the men can resume building civilization.

    Sometimes this extremely quick change might be a good thing, like vomiting up a poison, in that those who can see are forced to act. Perhaps this is simply a blip on the path to glory.


  2. JFC. Little girls are turned into bitter, hardened battle axes before they even hit puberty. Sugar, spice and everything nice. But this is better, lol.


    1. They pulled it? So then I guess little girls cussing really is more offensive than inequality.

      Notice how the feminist who said that a woman should be valued for her brain has a terrible body.


  3. it’s too bad those little girls have weak manginas for fathers, who are letting their girls get turned into cursing, feminist harpies at such a young age. teaching them bad math is going to ensure they end being strippers as soon as possible.


      1. Oh and stupid, don’t forget that. How will she deal when ”her little princess” says ”F that!” elsewhere – like out in public?
        Notice that the asian girl is rather chubby – and needs a bra already. Yeah, her ”baby fat” does have THAT as a side effect.


      2. YIH – Another thing to consider is that these little girls don’t know what they are saying. What if they grow up and are embarrassed?

        I heard that the video was removed from the website. I suppose that little girls cussing actually is more offensive than gender inequality.


  4. Looks like the Rule Of Thumb should be making a come back any day now. Maybe our Islamist friends have the right idea about burkhas and stoning too.

    What a society where pre-teen girls can be turned into foulmouthed and obnoxious banshees, and dressed like street walkers for a campaign to lecture the rest of society about its “failings,” while being coached by an obese mother and putting a pre-teen boy in a girl’s dress – What could possibly go wrong? I see several Gerry Springer and Maury guests in training…


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