1. Oh, c’mon. There are probably tens of thousands of little girls confined to wheelchairs in this country due to cerebral palsy, paralysis from spinal cord injuries, etc. A toy like this has no agenda other than to make money by making little girls happy. They’ll grow up soon enough and experience rejection while their healthy girlfriends experience prom.


  2. The leftist tactic for winning followers, aside from bribes: anything low, weak, perverted, sick or ugly must be praised as superior.


    1. My wife became wheelchair bound several years ago and it is obvious to me that the people who find her presence uncomfortable or unpleasant are third worlders, ghetto trash, hillbillies and other low life trash.
      BTW: Latin Americans are very polite. Asians act disgusted and the African immigrants not far from where we live will actually point and laugh or shit like that.
      There is nothing “low, weak, perverted, sick or ugly” about her.
      Fuck you.

      [editor: You’re missing the point. The message has nothing to do with behaving civilly around handicapped people. The message is the elevation of a handicap to normalcy. This is malign. Being handicapped will never be preferable to being physically normal.]


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