1. I know. There are two kinds of fatties (this goes for men and women, but in different ways). The first is the natural kind, like many mothers of large broods: they carry their fat on their hips, ass, and tits. Their physique actually becomes hyper-feminine….but still unmistakably feminine.

      The male analog to this is the “burly man”, who is too fat, but carries much of it in his chest, shoulders, and biceps.

      Many of my teachers and the older women in my life growing up could be described as this kind of fat. It is not ideal, but also not repugnant and forgivable in many cultures (especially amongst the Italians I grew up with).

      Then….there are the modern fatties, the GROSS fatties. I think “bloated” is a better term for them than “fat”, because that is what they are: blown out; inflated across their whole body. The women carry their fat in their bellies, chins, arms, calves, and ankles….all over.

      Look at her and ask: What kind of a fat woman….has small tits? Tits are pure fat. That should be the FIRST place where a woman starts storing excess fat. So the small-titted fattie can’t be caused from merely eating too much, it has to come from deeper hormonal problems.

      Sexual dimorphsim vanishes between the modern “fat” men and women: they carry their fat all around, and thus the structural differences get blended away. Ma Joad was clearly still “Ma”. Looking at these bloated things today, it’s not clear whether they’re even human.

      The bloated hipsters (most hipsters I know are bloated, not skinny as they’re idealized in the media) typify this: shave the gross facial hair from the men, and its hard to tell him from her.

      If you see a fat woman who has small tits like that gross thing in the GIF, the word “bloated” is a more accurate term than fat.


      1. Re: lack of dimorphism: I often see a fatty-fat-fat face in the rear-view mirror of the car in front of me, and have no idea whether it is a guy or woman. The face usually consists of lumps and rolls of cheek and jowl with slit-eyes. Often an arm leaning out the window doesn’t help, either, as the arms are just amorphous, loose, jiggly blobs of flesh.


  1. I love how every cause they were voting for was left-wing. However, I was inspired. Not to vote of course, but to attention whore on social media.

    “Hi, I’m Blair, and I’m turning out for lower property taxes and the option for states to secede. #TURNOUTFORWHAT”


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