1. these post-wall girls think that if they make jokes about themselves being spinster cat-ladies that people will think that they are not really spinster cat-ladies. but we all know that they are crying themselves to sleep at night because they are spinster cat-ladies.


    1. White women advertising their evolutionary failure to the world. Sad

      But….the white men who spend all their time guzzling beer and ogling black athletes for days on end are actually even worse than those women. Why are they worse? Because at least the women are crying out for attention: they still WANT family and tradition, even if their vanity and irrationality inhibits their ability to express this. The men, though, are genuinely content to bloat out on Budweiser and Monster Energy drinks and argue endlessly about whether Reggie, Shaquan, or Tyrone is the best college quarterback.

      White men need to get healthy, resume fucking, and get making white children. Yesterday.

      [CH: as long as white women are fat and slutty, white men will have little interest in appeasing their needs.]


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