1. He actually does, lol.

      Seriously, whoever said “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (in the figurative sense) was probably the stupidest person in the world. Same thing with filth like Brian Singer. Take a look at him and tell me he isn’t a worthless degenerate even before knowing the child rape stuff.

      With visages like that, you could fairly reliably smash their face in with a crowbar and not actually harm anything of value.


      1. No, it’s glasses, the lense refracts the light. He’s probably got a pretty heavy prescription.


  1. Wow. He’s a perfect representative of that leftist fist-magnet baby face. Every time I’ve come across a Seattleite arguing in favor of communism, he’s had that face.

    Most of them had a serious case of babyfat body too.


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